Unionized skilled tradespeople build Michigan: our roads and bridges, solar fields and power plants, factories and office buildings, housing and storefronts, and more. The men and women who pursue careers in construction are crucial to our economic future and quite literally leave their mark on our state through their work.

This is rewarding work that offers competitive salaries and meaningful benefits like healthcare and pensions. Union skilled trades members take pride in what they build, are empowered to live rich lives filled with friends and family, can leverage their skills to grow and shape their careers in unexpected ways, and are able to retire with dignity.

Too often, young adults find their way into the skilled trades only after having tried college, the military or work in another field. When it occurs to them that they have finally found a career that excites them in the trades, they often regret the years spent pursuing directions that were not a good fit for their skills or their interests. While college is a great option for some, exploring union skilled trades is an alternative that should not be overlooked.

Schools to Tools aims to provide students, parents, teachers and school counselors with the information, training and hands on experiences they need to make informed career decisions aware of all their options.

Schools to Tools is a program of the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights.



“The apprenticeship means I’m part of something bigger than myself. It means I have a huge union family and the skills to take care of myself.”



Are you a middle school or high school student looking to understand what you might want to pursue after high school? Do you like art, engineering, or working with your hands? Schools to Tools is here to help you explore the idea of a creative and satisfying career in the skilled trades. Learn more about the men and women who build the world we live in and leave their mark on history.


As educators, you are in the perfect position to inform students about the wide range of options available to them after graduating high school. College is a great choice for many students, but so many others choose college without understanding that a career in the skilled trades is another great possibility of equal value.

Schools to Tools is here to make sure you have all the information your students need to make informed decisions after leaving high school.


We know you want what’s best for your kid. That’s why we’re here to help families learn more about post-graduation opportunities that can lead to lucrative careers and fulfilling opportunities in unionized skilled trades.

Learn how Schools to Tools and parents can work together.


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